Choosing a stein is a very introspective decision, and certainly takes more thought that it seems when one first meanders through the local stein-eria. First of all is what color to choose. I don’t want my stein to look lame and cause me to be ridiculed around the beer cooler, so I need one that I can proudly consume my booze out of with confidence. Next is the design, of which the varieties are numerous and highly varied. Lion or monk? Eagle or coat of arms? Having a dragon on my stein will make me look like I’m compensating for something, and the sheep just screams pussy. Good, decided, now check for manufacturing defects. If my buddies back home realize my “authentic marble Oktoberfest-worthy drinking apparatus” is a shitty Industria Argentina ceramic cup with a poorly adhered sticker, I’m done for.

So you’re almost done, but the biggest hurdle still lays before you.


It speaks volumes about the cups owner. Are you ambitious, choosing the 1.25 liter? Or a realist, downsizing for drink-ability and weight with a 500ml model? The former may certainly impress, but in the end it will leave your final 2/3 of a beer warmer than body temperature and your chugging hand feel like you’ve been curling a ten pound weight. Your wallet will also be getting an exercise, as filling that baby will run you a cool $75AR. But the former is such a boring, pint sized normality that nobody will care if it says Oktoberfest on the side and has a sweet decal of a wolf slaying Bambi. You’re still in line for the keg just as much as any chump with a lime green solo cup he can scratch his name in to, and that means you missed your chance acquiring a real useful piece of equipment. So what’s a boy to do?

750ml son, smooth, and as black as my baby’s daddy. Complete with a strap that can be jerryrigged to carry a bandolier of .357 magnum ammo, just in case. Stein hangs low against my hip so not even the-man-with-no-name would beat me in a quick draw to the beer barrel. It’s the perfect machine, and it’s on oferta for $45AR.

Sign me up.

DISCLAIMER: Most of these photos are not actually from the city of Cordoba, and are instead from a small town called Villa Belgrano where the second-largest Oktoberfest in the world is held.


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