I kinda thought coming to live in this South American country would be some sort of “leap-of-faith” in my life, but now it seems really damn normal.

When I first started telling my classmates and teachers in the spring of 2014 that I was planning on moving to Colombia to teach English they all nodded and smiled and said “oh wow that’s soooooo cool,” but I myself wasn’t even really sure if it was actually going to come to fruition. I fucked off to Colorado for a while to work a “job” taking photos and, for a bit, completely forgot about what I had told so many people only a few months earlier. It wasn’t until August or so when I finally locked down the whole situation and it was set in stone, I was at the very least going to spend a month in Colombia getting taught how to teach.

I told people in Aspen that I was just going to spend the summer here, then I was off to other things. Nearly every one told me “Yeah right, thats what they all say. You’ll never leave now.” I almost wanted to believe them, only because Aspen was such a dope place that part of me didn’t want to leave, it would have been so easy to just keep the same relaxed job, keep the same relaxed crib, keep the same relaxed friends then get a free ski pass and shred four different mountains all winter while making *decent* money.

In the back of my mind I kept hearing myself repeating to my friends “…Colombia…teaching…after the summer…” and I really think it was the promise I had made not only to friends, but to myself. I was going to use my Spanish and look for some crazy opportunity to jump out at me in a South American country that had fascinated me through books, essays, bad telenovelas, personal stories, economic analyses and porn sites. So I bought my ticket, confirmed my classes and told the customs agent “No, I don’t have a flight leaving the country PER SE…but I swear I’ll leave in time. Scouts honor.” They have scouts here (it’s called scouts…) so I guess he bought it and for some dumb reason let me into his country with a look that said “Well if you pinky swear, it’s chill.”

I’ve been here for 8 months.

*Unfold photographic story*


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