Envigado does not exist as part of Medellín, but as it’s own independent town. Removed, if not entirely physically, from the bustle of downtown, Envigado retains a strikingly unique feel to its streets. Similar to the 5 burroughs of NYC, one can clearly distinguish how the two cities began to grow together. Now, they are only separated by an almost unnoticeable river, a line drawn in the sand.


But we are Envigadaño, we are our own people. We do nothing to fight the distinct regionalization that dominates Colombian culture. We want to be different, proud, passionate about our home. Our streets are safer, our empanadas are better, our aguardiente flows more freely from the sidestreet stalls. We know each other, we say hello. We are not lost in the city, we are at home in our town. We have lived here forever, and we can find no reason to ever leave.


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