Copa America

I paid $75 for a jersey and only got to proudly display the damn thing four times, Colombia barely even made it into the knockout round and then lost a nail biter to Argentina in penalties. Not the mention that, being very yellow, the shirt seems to create its own stains. I’ve had to go at it with stain remover more times than I’ve even worn the thing.

Much of Medellin gathered in Parque Lleras to watch what would be the final matchup against Argentina. Drinking is obviously legal anywhere, which makes large groups carousing in warm parks a common affair and this game was no exception. This also obviously causes problems, probably why it’s illegal in most the civilized (read tightass) world, and you can see the police have to come in (rarely) to break up minor fights or stop a crowd from beating an accused robber to death.

Emotions ran high, but ultimately the crowd resorted to the mantra “Win or lose, we still booze.”


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