What today is a popular destination roughly an hour outside of Medellín is actually the second incarnation of the town, replacing the one that was flooded in 1970 due to the construction of one of Colombia’s first hydroelectric dams. The “lake” is the reservoir that was created as a result, and the original city of Guatapé lays somewhere underneath. The nationalized energy company YPM provided the funds to build the new town, but ultimately ended up flooding the old one while streets still remained unpaved and buildings half finished. Fascinatingly, this marginalization and apparent ignorance on the part of the national government of this small town’s needs was a major flashpoint for guerrilla recruitment. Events such as these, where Colombia’s central government acted unilaterally and with little sensitivity to rural citizens, more deeply embedded the guerrilla’s mandate to force political change. That was 45 years ago, and the guerrilla war is still causing deaths nearly every week.


The Peñol is the second largest “rock” in the world, dwarfed only by Australia’s Uluru. Something like 650 steps and you’re at the top.


Photos of very old friends and very new ones (I think Jenna might appear in about 60% of these). I really enjoyed showing her around to cap off her months-long journey through Latin America.


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