A collection of images from my time living in Aspen. I thought I had been more productive with my camera, but I suppose working with one in your hand makes pulling the bitch out recreationally a bit more difficult. It’s fun to be a local in the underbelly of one of the most prime getaways for the rich and famous, it’s like being a part of an exclusive club that lives to poke fun at rich people even though they completely pay our bills. I learned such valuable skills as:

1) Identifying the spending limit on a credit card by its weight (the American Express Black feels like it’s made from titanium).

2) Identifying rare and expensive dog breeds (namely the Brussels Griffon, which looks exactly like a tiny ewok) with relative accuracy.

3). Convincing people of various levels of wealth that they wanted to spend hundreds of dollars on a couple overexposed portrait shots.

4) Taking selfies of people taking selfies in the selfie capital of the world.


Also mountain biking, fishing, concerting, hiking, chilling, living. I’ll be going back.

Summer, 2014


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